AC&M Continues Timely Delivery in the Midst of Supply Chain Disruptions

AC&M Continues Timely Delivery in the Midst of Supply Chain Disruptions

Posted by Steve Diebold

The Covid 19 pandemic has been a major factor in throwing the world’s supply and delivery systems into temporary disarray. The many factors of labor, equipment, and facilities shortages to accommodate the sudden swings of shipping demands are creating problems in many industries. Mostly for items moving in intermodal ocean containers.

The current situation is predicted by logistics professionals to last for months as the system adjusts to the glut of goods moving simultaneously into a logistics pipeline that had been shrunk during the last year and now must carry record volume.

Despite this disruption AC&M as a fully integrated and closely controlled private manufacturer is continuing normal delivery times on most of the popular security seals in our catalog. We can do so for several reasons.

One key reason is that we produce a vast majority of our product from raw materials at our factory, which are stocked to allow production of most of our popular products without disruption. We do not rely heavily on offshore suppliers or sub-contractors for making these key products. This not only stabilizes our production in the near term but gives us the time to replenish stock in an acceptable time frame -- despite longer lead times for some materials.

We can still ship to our customers on time because our seals can be optionally shipped by multiple classes of freight including truck, air, courier and expedited ground freight. We are flexible in shipping to our customers and that flexibility helps avoid delays.

In addition, our wide range of seals gives another major advantage. In this climate certain specialized components or materials will be delayed in delivery - even in our controlled supply chain. But typically, we can offer our customers a similar or comparable alternative seal to the one currently in use. This temporary switch keeps them supplied with essential seal protection (without interruption of operations) until the exact seal they normally use is available.

But those are rare cases. When they come up, we react quickly and find solutions for each to alleviate any potential harm to a customer’s operations. It is our unique hands-on management that makes us exceptionally reliable.

AC&M has over a century of experience in producing seals and delivering them in difficult circumstances. Our dedicated team has learned how to keep our seals moving to those who urgently need them through wars, economic crisis, and so many unexpected events. Security seals are our business and this 4th generation family owned and managed company takes pride in our history of essential service and supply

If you need help obtaining seals, contact us and find out how we can do for you. If you are a current AC&M customer, thank you for your continuing trust in our service and quality.