Numbered Aluminum Seals - Amerflag

An alternative to lead seals, AmerFlag seals are numbered aluminum seals available with galvanized or stainless steel wire. Stock seals are printed "SEAL" and consecutively numbered. Allow 10 days for custom printed AmerFlag (AF1000).

$0.85 - $1.55
Stock seals ship same day (Order by 1pm EST). Stock seals are printed SEALED and consecutively numbered. Custom printed seals can take up to 4 weeks.
Contact us for custom lengths.
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Product Information

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AC&M AmerFlag Model AF1000 is a lightweight aluminum seal available with or without attached wire. Stock seals are lettered "SEALED" and consecutively numbered. Custom printing and numbering is available.


Applied with a 5" Bulldog Seal Press or EZ Seal Press. See Tools and Accessories.


Available with custom print and numbering.


Applications include valves, gas and water meters, taxi meters, drums, and cabinets.

  • Pack
  • Model Number
    AF1000 (No Wire)
  • Material
    Body: Aluminum
    Wire Type: Galvanized or Stainless Steel
  • Packaging
    With Wire: 250 seals per poly bag
    No Wire: 1,000 seals per box
  • Dimensions
    Available Wire Lengths: 6" - 72"
    Available Online: 6", 12", 18", 24"
    Contact us for custom lengths
  • Wire Length
  • Wire Type
    No Wire
  • Application
    Agriculture/Food Law Enforcement/Military Meter/Utilities Storage/Inventory
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-ST-NO-0
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-ST-ST-6
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-ST-ST-12
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-ST-ST-18
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-ST-ST-24
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-ST-GA-6
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-ST-GA-12
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-ST-GA-18
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-ST-GA-24
  • BP_METAL-AF1000
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-CU-NO-0
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-CU-ST-6
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-CU-ST-12
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-CU-ST-18
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-CU-ST-24
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-CU-GA-6
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-CU-GA-12
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-CU-GA-18
  • BP_METAL-AF1000-CU-GA-24
  • Classification
    Aluminum and Wire Security Seals
  • Alternatives to
    Alternatives to Lead Seals