Keep Your Cargo Safe and Secure with Tamper Evident Seals

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Keep Your Cargo Safe and Secure with Tamper Evident Seals

When it comes to transporting cargo, it’s not unusual for many people to be involved with each load from the time it departs to the time it arrives at its destination. Whether the load needs to be checked, inventoried, emptied, serviced, or even cleaned, it can be hard to detect theft or damage once the load has left your premises. While theft has always been a concern, new issues also need to be addressed. These include liability issues and possible terrorist acts. If your load isn’t under your control from beginning to end, there needs to be a way in which you know nothing has been stolen, altered, or otherwise compromised.

One way to protect your cargo in more serious or sensitive applications is to layer the technology being used.  A tamper evident seal combined with security tape, or even multiple seals can be a strong deterrent against theft. Other security options that should be considered along with tamper-evident seals are seal control forms and procedures and best practice guidelines.


One of the most inexpensive ways to protect your loads is with tamper evident seals. American Casting & Manufacturing offers tamper evident seals for a wide variety of cargo loads. Whether you want sequentially numbered tape, tamper evident labels, or even barcoded plastic seals, American Casting & Manufacturing has what you need to protect your cargo. For over 100 years AC&M has been supplying tamper-evident and security seals as well as locks and tags.

When you use tamper evident seals to ensure the safety and security of your loads, you can rest easier knowing your products are protected. Should something happen, you will know as soon as you see evidence of tampering, and can then quickly determine at which point the tampering may have occurred. When you’re serious about protecting your load, consider using seals from American Casting & Manufacturing. We understand your needs and have a wide range of products to protect your valuable cargo.