Cable Cutter

The Model CL99-C7 Cable Cutter is used to remove cable seals.
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Product Information


Model CL99-C7 cable cutter for use on wire, wire rope and cable. Specifically designed to cut stranded metal assemblies. Specially designed triangular cutters greatly reduces required effort.


Soft Wire Rope - 7mm. Hard Wire Rope - 5mm. Spring Wire Cable - 4mm. Very Hard Steel and Flex - 3mm. Electrical Cable (Copper / Aluminum / Steel Covered Aluminum) - 7mm. Aluminum or Copper Rods - 5mm. Iron Rods - 4mm. Tempered Steel Spring - 2.5mm.

Model # CL99-C7 Cable Cutter
Material Steel with rubber grips.
Dimensions 7-3/4" (19.7 cm)
Application Law Enforcement/Military Truck/Rail/Transport