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When a medical cart is cleaned and resupplied a tamper seal is commonly applied to the closure or hasp. The tamper evident seal tells staff that the cart is ready for use and safely sanitized. The seal also shows that no one has opened the cart since it was serviced. It provides a unique serial number for documentation, traceability and to control inventory.

When the cart is needed a nurse or doctor must be able to open it immediately. So the seal has to be simple to break off. This applies to all types of carts, medicine cabinets, valves and patient care devices like medicine pumps, monitors, respirators, or other specialized equipment.

These things are sealed for multiple purposes. First is the safety of the patients and staff. Next is the ability to trace and document the use and operation of the cart, cabinet or device that is sealed.

The seal gives assurance that whatever is being used is in the condition it was at the time of service, cleaning, filling, adjusting, or whatever was needed for that particular device.

The traceability helps with quality control and performance analysis, operating records, inventory control, and a record to use in researching any aspect of the operations in a hospital, clinic, or other facility. The tamper evidence is also a deterrent to loss by theft or pilferage.


AC&M supplies a comprehensive line of seals used for medical purposes. Many are especially suited to carts and equipment. Padlock seals are preferred for their compact size and ease of storage and handling. One of the most popular of these is the 7001 Fast Seal which is a padlock type seal that can be applied quickly with one hand. It is engineered to open with about 3 lbs of pull, for quick and safe removal by hand. The Fast Seal gives the user a broad range of customization options. It comes in a wide variety of colors and can be custom stamped with letters, symbols, logos and serial numbers.

There are 3 other lightweight plastic padlock seals from AC&M that offer a stronger pull strength than 7001 but are easily removed at a conveniently placed break point. They simply snap off by bending the seal. All 3 are made of acetal copolymer plastic for light weight and will clearly show any evidence of tampering or breaking. The compact size has room for letters and serial numbers, or will fit a small logo or other custom message.

Model 1001 is the most compact. Model 1001-LH offers a longer reach where the 1001 is too small and model 2001 has more body space to allow more marking and thicker plastic for a deeper lock housing.


Each user has preferences and special needs but AC&M has the options to meet them. Other seals are used in Medical cabinet and device sealing applications. And medical facilities have dozens of other uses for seals. Plastic pull up seals, plastic & wire padlock seals, and pull-up wire seals with a plastic locking body are all used for sealing carts, and equipment.

But seals in medical facilities are found in a lot of areas other than that. Some include storage areas, supply totes, containers of drugs, waste disposal, laboratory samples, and many other sensitive areas where security or monitoring open or closed status is important.

All of these seals are available with extensive color and marking options for customization or with stock markings.


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