Posted by Steve Diebold

Applying security seals for kosher products is not typically seen by the average consumer, but is an essential function in the delivery of kosher goods. Those who produce and sell Kosher food products likely know about security seals and their use in the processing and supply chain of their products.

The consumer who buys the food might think of the “seal” as the hechsher (symbol/mark) used to identify products that have been inspected and approved to be kosher. Thus assuring they meet the Hebrew laws of kashrut. A large producer might use a major international inspection agency to obtain the hechsher while smaller companies could get their inspection and permission from a rabbi who is specially qualified to approve a specific item or process.

The kashrut laws for kosher products apply to the finished food, their ingredients, containers, process equipment, steps in production and handling, and even the venue where they kosher food is sold or served. The mark or the inspector is applied to most of these items or related documentation.

But that symbol (hechsher) is not the type of seal we are discussing here. Security seals are the guardians of the hechsher.


Beyond the finished food, kosher related items that are inspected include; ingredients, utensils, additives, cleaning agents, machinery storage facilities and much more.

The symbol or hechsher is very important. But the security seals are applied after inspection and approval. Producers often seal bulk product in containers of all types. The laws that drive seal use apply to many items. A security seal might most commonly be applied to a bulk container such as a drum, or a tote containing kosher product. This maintains the integrity of kosher items (post inspection) as they go through the production and delivery process. This can also include the truck or vehicle used to transport kosher products.

The purpose of the security seal in handling kosher products is most often to insure that the contents of a container have not been tampered or substituted. But also in the case of equipment, process controls and access doors or panels, a seal can serve as a verification or tag to detect opening. The seal cannot be removed without leaving evidence it was opened or manipulated.

International agencies are diligent about monitoring the kosher supply chain and security seals are a tool for monitoring, tracking and tracing the inspected items to assure kosher status. In fact the seals themselves are subject to inspection. Kosher food producers frequently request samples of our seals to submit for approval to be used in their operations. The samples are sent to a qualified rabbi who will tell them if the seal is accepted and given kosher status.

Though there are countless types of kosher inspections and items that need to be sealed, AC&M can supply a seal for almost any of the requirements in this area. We can pre-print the hescher on most seals plus other identifying marks as required. The choice of seal type for these numerous uses can be almost any model we produce. (And we produce hundreds of varied seal models and sizes, with almost infinite potential variations or customization.)

Examples include: plastic pull-up seals, padlock type seal of plastic, strap seals, wire seals, and adhesive security labels which also serve as a seal. We have a complete range of seals and the expertise to produce and deliver security seals for kosher certification use worldwide. In fact, we have been doing just that for more than a century.


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