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Seals often must be removed quickly and easily by hand, sometimes in urgent circumstances. In hospitals and medical facilities there are sealed drug cabinets, crash carts and many other containers and devices sealed from tampering for safety. Fast removal is critical.

In passenger aircraft sealed beverage and food containers are sealed for safety, and need to be opened easily without tools onboard. Also, fire extinguishers are commonly sealed with a breakaway seal.

Meanwhile many controls, latches, switches, and remote metering devices are in places where tools are not available or preferably not used for safety reasons.

AC&M produces several padlock type seals that do not require tools to open, and in a variety of designs and with numerous options in marking, color, etc.


The most popular padlock seal (8001) has a metal hasp which can optionally be notched (scored) to allow the user to break it off by bending the hasp over and back firmly. It is a stronger seal than types made of all plastic, and the lowest cost of these padlock seals that can be removed without a tool. The metal hasp type seal is commonly used on utility meters, but also found in numerous other applications including airline catering carts. It will fit any seal opening greater than 3/8-inch (8mm approx.) 


The more advanced XPC-2 padlock seal has a metal hasp with the same scoring option as model 8001 but the seal offers other features including a clear acrylic jacket on the body and advanced printing capacity for barcodes and more. The steel hasp used on XPC-2 is the same as on 8001, and both can be supplied with galvanized or stainless steel. While the best known use of this seal is on electric meters its versatility fits a wide range of applications.

1001 & 1001 LH

The simple models 1001 & 1001-LH are made of a light acetal copolymer plastic. Though simple looking, they are highly tamper evident. The clean design allows the user to easily see any tampering or attempts to remove and replace them. The light weigh makes them easy to ship, store and handle. Meanwhile, the plastic hasp has a notch that makes breaking easier for the user. This is especially important for emergency and medical equipment or other devices that require fast access. The hasp fits openings larger than 3/32-inch (2mm). It is easy for anyone with or without experience to quickly remove. The compact size has room for letters and serial numbers, or will fit a small logo or other custom message.

The LH (Long Hasp) version of 1001 has the same body and secure snap lock, while offering more length so the seal can fit application that need extra reach.


Model 2001 features a 2-point snap lock, fitting the same the same seal opening as the 1001, but with slightly longer reach. It also is an acetal plastic seal like 1001. It provides a larger and deeper body for more print space. Larger print can be important for readability in many instances. The strong larger body provides a deeper and firmer enclosure for the locking portion and many users prefer the feel of handling a more rigid seal.

Some common uses are sealing taxi meters, levers for discharge of cement trucks and bulk material conveyors, electric switch lockouts and a wide range of lids and caps plus other closures.


Referred to as “FAST SEAL”, model 7001 is engineered to install quickly with one hand, and removed even faster with a firm pull. The intent was originally for use on electric “demand” meters which are changed frequently. Usually the seals are handled with a clipboard (now notepads and readers) in one hand, leaving only one hand free to lock the seal.

Now this versatile padlock seal has become popular in medical and commercial applications. Crash carts and medicine storage units are a significant application. But the Fast Seal is used on many closures mentioned above for other padlock seals. It is popular for sealing airline catering carts.


The potential and current uses for these various padlock seals are virtually unlimited. Because they are affordable, simple to use and handle, and provide strong tamper evidence they are effectively applied wherever they can fit the lock mechanism. With the many sizes and types, plus countless marking and color options available, users can develop effective sealing strategies. With unlimited combinations this enhances functions like tamper evidence, access recording, inventory control, operational or content indicators and much more.


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