American Casting and Manufacturing Adheres to ISO International Standards

American Casting and Manufacturing Adheres to ISO International Standards

Posted by Steve Diebold

The International Organization for Standardization, also known as ISO, plays a crucial role in many industries. With more than 18,000 well-defined standards for technology and business created by consumers, leaders, and governments in 163 countries, ISO provides reliable and calibrated tools and support for sustainable growth and continuous improvement.

ISO standards play an integral role in the manufacturing, transportation, storage, and usage of products of all kinds as well as establishing processes that keep people and data safe and secure.

Since ISO is a world-wide organization, there are several advantages to ISO certification -- which American Casting and Manufacturing can help many organizations achieve.

Advantages of ISO certification

ISO certifications offer a number of benefits to both businesses and governments:

●International quality and compliance standards are framed by experts with decades of experience in their chosen fields. When they prescribe certain benchmarks and best practices for business and manufacturing processes, the advice leads to the elimination of waste and enhanced energy efficiency. This, in turn, stands for cost savings.

●ISO standards speak a uniform language of excellence, strengthening international trade ties. ISO compliance automatically signals strict adherence to quality.

●ISO international quality standards offer peace of mind to buyers and inspire trust in customers. It is a stamp of approval from a body that has the preferences, wisdom, and inputs of individuals who create concepts, execute them and are affected by them thereby taking into account perspectives of the whole spectrum of market influencers.

●ISO standards allow governments to draw on the knowledge of experts without calling in their services directly. Following ISO guidelines are the guarantee that an endeavor can bypass the most common mistakes and work to the advantage of society and the environment.

To summarize, ISO standards give organizations a uniform way to achieve the best possible business outcomes and build better relationships with consumers and other businesses.

American Casting & Manufacturing is ISO compliant

Taking the commitment to scale highs of success seriously, American Casting and Manufacturing Corporation is proud to conform to the standards of ISO 9001:2008 quality management system for the product range of military and commercial tamper evident seals.

Not only do we follow ISO standards for our own manufacturing purposes, we offer a wide selection of customizable products that allow other organizations to achieve their own ISO certifications.

Helping other organizations maintain ISO compliance with security seals

Given the sensitive nature of the product and its impact on matters of security and integrity American Casting is proud to live up to rigorous ISO guidelines to ensure the best possible experience for its customers and their sensitive consignments and cargo.

Our wide variety of security seals can meet a number of ISO needs, and our team is happy to help you determine the right seal for your standards and goals. If you would like a free sample or a custom quote, please connect with us here.