Numbered Lead Seals - Model SW1000

SW1000 lead seals are numbered to improve traceability. Seals purchased online are printed SEALED, numbered consecutively, and available with a variety of wire types and lengths.
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Product Information


AC&M security lead and wire seal Mode SW1000 is a numbered lead seal. Available with any length or style of wire or without attached wire. The SW1000 are numbered to improve traceability. Stock seals are lettered "SEALED" and consecutively numbered.


Insert wire through opening of item to be sealed and back through the hole in the lead seal. Pull wire to desired length and compress with the 5" Bulldog Seal Press or EZ Seal Press. See Tools and Accessories.


Available with lettering up to 10 spaces and numbering up to 6 digits.


Lead and wire seals are typically used on drums, hoppers, water meters, taxi meters, hoppers, and ammunition cans.

Model # SW1000 (No Wire)
Material Body: Lead
Wire Type: Galvanized, Stainless Steel, or Copper
Packaging 100 seals per poly bag
Application Law Enforcement/Military Meter/Utilities Storage/Inventory
Dimensions Available Wire Lengths: 6" - 72"
Available Online: 6", 12", 18", 24"
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