Small 3/8" Diameter Steel Cup Seal - Model Metal-Cup-S

Small Cup Seals provide tamper-evident housing to protect a screw or bolt head from unauthorized removal.
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Product Information


Small 3/8" Diameter Cup Seal is a tamper evident housing for screw and bolt heads. These tamper indicating devices are available with multiple sizes available to fit most bolts and screws.


Insert screw or bolt through bottom hole of seal and tighten. Snap on top half by hand.


Small Cup Seals are not available with custom print. Both Medium and Large Cup seals can be printed with company name and or logo and consecutive numbers.

Materials Available

Medium Cup Seals are available in galvanized steel or brass and copper.


Cup seals, also knows as cap seals provide effective protection against unauthorized removal of screws and bolts. Commonly used to protect gas meters, computer panels, and race engines.

Application Electronics/Machinery Inspection/Inventory Meter/Utilities Storage/Inventory