​How to Maintain Safety at Work

​How to Maintain Safety at Work

Posted by Steve Diebold

How to Maintain Safety at Work

Workplace accidents sadly claim the lives of over 14 American workers every day. While the loss of life is certainly tragic, what’s even more upsetting is that many of these untimely deaths could have been prevented.

By staying vigilant about maintaining compliance with safety regulations, employers and workers can stay safe in their workplaces and avoid potentially catastrophic accidents.

The importance of National Safety Month

June of every year is National Safety Month, celebrated in respect for the thousands of workers who lose their lives in the various industries that make modern life possible. It also serves as a great reminder that there are numerous regulations in place to ensure safety, giving organizations the chance to check their compliance.

For example, many high-risk industries like construction and transportation have workers who give their very best to ensure the integrity of their work and often labor in treacherous circumstances of extreme weather and heavy duty equipment. National Safety Month aims to increase awareness amongst companies and their employees that basic safety needs to be a top priority for businesses around the world.

Ways to gauge safety in the workplace

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the federal body in charge of improving work conditions and security compliance in American industries. In association with it, the NSC or National Safety Council has suggested a framework to assess existing safety and make continual changes to reduce the unnecessary death toll.

Measurement of workplace compliance with existing regulations – It is important that employees dealing with high risk constructions and equipment diligently survey touch points (strength of leashes, skill of crane users and so on) that may exhibit vulnerability and benchmark provisions against what is considered standard.

Hazard tracking – It isn’t enough to know the safety score of the workplace. Companies must continuously track touch points for signs of deterioration. This can prevent accidents by allowing pre-emptive action.

Employee engagement – Based on observations and monitoring, a robust safety system has to be created on paper. To implement the blueprint employees must be given tangible reasons to adhere to them. This is achieved through engagement and compliance programs that utilize emotion driven content backed up by the dismal stats of workplace safety to jolt workers into cautiousness.

Additional safety tips

Sometimes the simplest measures can save lives and these are overlooked by employers as well as employees. Apart from initiating adoption of safety practices and consistently checking against safety standards, companies should:

●Arrange for training when introducing a new tool, even if it is potentially harmless.

●Invest in good quality protective gear. This means eye gear and fire resistant clothes, or other job-specific PPE.

●Foster a culture of cooperation. If an employee loses focus for a second and his partner is aware and proactive, accidents may be avoided.

●Encourage senior workers to mentor young interns and assistants. There is nothing better than well intended coaching and a recounting of first-hand experiences to instill respect for the workplace in newbies.

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