​Unique Seal Applications - Where Few See Them

​Unique Seal Applications - Where Few See Them

Posted by Steve Diebold

While tamper evident security seals are well known for use on utility meters and on the doors of truck trailers and shipping containers, they are used in countless places including some where most people would not know or see. American Casting & Manufacturing have been leaders in supplying seals worldwide for 110 years for private and government enterprises of all types. In that time, we have seen security seals used in some really interesting ways.

As to the types of seals used, there is no limit. We make hundreds of variations of our seals and they are ever present. One of the most unique and notable seals for high value security purposes is the Cup Seal. It is one of the most tamper resistant seals anywhere and unique to AC&M.

As a policy, and to maintain security and privacy, we do not discuss specific company names of seal users, but here are a few of the unique and interesting applications of some of our customers:


When gold is moved from one place to another it is often protected from pilfering and access is monitored with a numbered seal on its container. The same is true for other precious metals. Uses range from high strength cable seals for bulk containers of ore, as well as plastic and wire seals for smaller containers of refined gold or other metal.

A similar system protects gem stones from the mine to the market. There are seals for various aspects of the process with wide variation of uses whether for diamonds, emeralds, rubies or other stones with high resale value, making them vulnerable to pilfering or theft.

Fine art is transported in custom boxes and other containers often with security seals to identify and protect the items. There is even an association represented in over 35 countries, dedicated to the packaging, transport and warehousing of fine art. Members are the carriers, custom packers and logistics specialists who oversee the handling of fine art objects. Art museums and galleries depend on these specialists and security seals are an important tool. The type of seals used varies widely in this specialized business.


One ounce of the rare mineral Californium is worth about 25 million US dollars. This is guarded by locked vaults and armed guards. But even that type of storage can require seals for access to the lock system or to monitor opening and closing of access doors.

Many high value drugs, chemicals, raw materials and biologics for commercial and medical use are stored and moved in drums or special sealed containers. Advances in security adhesive seals have made use of tamper evident seals more common and more practical for many more container types.


Highly dangerous materials like nuclear medicine byproducts, refinery waste, acids and much more must travel to disposal sites and usually in a sealed drum or specialized containers. The same is true for biohazards. The general public rarely sees this happen. For security reasons, it is moved in plain unmarked vehicles and the seals may not only assure the material remains contained. In some cases, it may be the key identifier of the contents and track of the material.

Nuclear materials including weapons grade material and weapon components have been protected by seals since the UN formed bodies to watch over them. The regulatory agencies involved have developed enhancements to existing seals from AC&M to make the seals extremely effective and virtually inviolable without evidence.


Many motor car racing and rally associations use metal cup seal and wire seals to secure and tag cars when inspected to meet rules for engine, fuel and power train limits. Once a car is inspected and approved, it gets a seal which is required for eligibility to participate.


Seals are used for purposes of monitoring population and legal trade of certain animals, while seals also are applied for detection and prevention of illegal poaching and illegal sale of animals or their skins or body parts. Both are important in the conservation effort worldwide.

Some notable and unique applications for which AC&M has made seals include python and anaconda snakes, crocodiles, alligators and other reptiles. Also, we’ve made seals to control the quota and market of fish like yellow fin and blue fin tuna. But the personal favorite of this author is the seals used to monitor processing and sales of yak hides in Mongolia to protect a dwindling herd size. It is a little known fact that yak hide is extremely valuable for its durability far beyond that of cowhide/leather, which is the most common skin consumed by man.

There are many more unique applications for security seals, too numerous to mention is this single blog. And it is a rare privilege for our company to play a role in helping the many small enterprises that need tamper evidence or secure identification of their product, through the use seals.


We invite you to utilize and benefit from our 110 years in the seal industry, and our wealth of expertise. Please contact us with questions or discussion of your needs in seals for any purpose.

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