​Seals are Important Tools for Securing Weapons, Arsenals, and Ammunition

​Seals are Important Tools for Securing Weapons, Arsenals, and Ammunition

Posted by Steve Diebold

Security seals are used widely in the transport and storage of arms related applications. One of the most popular and long-standing uses for seals is securing ammunition boxes of all types.

In the area of arms, one of the most common uses for seals is to secure ammunition boxes or magazines. It provides assurance the ammunition has not been accessed after manufacture and shipment, or subsequently, in the field as needed. A simple search of the internet for ammunition boxes shows a myriad of metal, wood, and plastic containers for ammo. Most of them have a hasp or latch specifically for adding a seal and/or lock.

Military supply systems have used seals for decades in securing small and large caliber ammunition.

For high powered rounds, the seals often are high strength cable seals like the AC&M model C-1. This has expanded to advanced weaponry, access to large ordnance, as well as missiles and aircraft.

Barcoded seals, new seal marking technology, and advanced adhesive security labels and tapes now provide the industry with methods for keeping close control and physical records. It is possible to monitor movement and inventory of their products, and identify the various types easily, through color coding and custom marking of the seals.

Law enforcement can secure tactical devices as well as stored arsenals and supplies using seals to verify that they remain as positioned until needed for training or use. Lockers, doors, weapons racks or cabinets, and even vehicles can be sealed for verification purposes.

Private producers, sellers and users increasingly have begun applying seals for both safety and inventory control purposes. The retail supply chain uses seals for product in its original packaging as well for the vehicles transporting their products. Sporting products like hunting rifles, shotguns, and hand guns are sealed before purchase by the user so the buyer can be confident they are getting safe, reliable items from the original manufacturer or registered seller.

Collectors and avid gun enthusiasts seal their arms and ammunition when it is placed in longer term storage or displays where access must be limited and detected.

There are no seals specifically designated for these purposes. Nearly every type of seal offered by AC&M could be applied in securing these items and their limitless storage devices. However the most typical seal types used are pull up plastic seals, wire seals, and cable seals.

The noteworthy aspect of this increased seal use is that not only are military and law enforcement agencies protecting arms and related products; responsible gun sellers and owners are expanding their efforts to keep these devices safe, secure, and away from potentially harmful misuse by unqualified or unauthorized people.


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