​Plastic Pull Tight Seal: A High Quality Tamper-Evident Seal

​Plastic Pull Tight Seal: A High Quality Tamper-Evident Seal

Posted by Steve Diebold

At American Casting & Manufacturing, we’re proud to be a producer of the highest quality high-security tamper-evident seals for over 100 years.

Although our product offering includes metal, plastic, and adhesive seals, one product we’re most proud of is the Plastic Pull Tight Seal. It has stood the test of time as a versatile, reliable seal for a number of uses.

About the Plastic Pull-Tight Seal

Our recently redesigned pull-tight seal is a polypropylene strap seal with either a n 8 inch or 16 inch adjustable strap. There is a one inch by two inch printable area at the end of the seal designed for text, logos, or barcodes.

The Plastic Pull Tight Seal is available as either a standard item that’s pre-printed/pre-numbered, or as a custom order. You can customize printing, numbering, bar codes, logos, and other unique identifiers for another layer of security.

With several colors to choose from, customization capabilities, and order quantities of 100, 500, or 1000, this seal can meet the needs of companies of different sizes and industries.

Because of its design, this seal is one-time use, tamper evident, and tamper deterrent.


The simple design and adjustable strap make the plastic pull-tight seal extremely versatile. Typical uses include:

● Securing cargo boxes

● Sealing trailer doors

● Securing voting machines

● Securing valves

There are countless other uses for plastic pull-tight seals among the agriculture, food and beverage, banking, safety, and wildlife service industries. Essentially, anything with a small opening to loop the plastic strap through can be sealed with an adjustable plastic pull tight seal. Most commonly, it’s used to secure doors, valves, and latches, but the possibilities for this seal are truly endless.

When you’re looking for the best seal for any number of uses, our plastic pull tight seal is a great choice -- it’s also a solid option to have on hand for whenever the need arises since it’s so versatile. Have any questions about this seal? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.